What is Right Hand Aid?

A short revue

Right Hand Aid is an alternative relief organization determined to help people forgotten or ignored by the large established aid organizations. Right Hand Aid is an alternative for those who wish right aid to come right!

The established organizations often choose to help where the disasters get the most attention in the press – or they appeal to the audience using emotional pictures of crying children – to raise large funds to cover their titanic expenditures.

But in many parts of the world people are suffering ‘in silence’, either because their problems are not sufficiently and dramatically visualized or because their needs do not fit the existing political consensus and therefore do not get the necessary attention in media.

Right Hand Aid does not have resources at its disposal so that we can implement our own ‘rescue missions’ around the world. Primarily we work as an advisory and fundraising partner for small NGO’s (non government organizations) that focus on carrying out their aid projects and therefore desperately need a ‘back office’ to spread information about their efforts and collect financial and material resources for the various tasks.

We have conveyed a motto that simply summarize the above:

‘Right Hand Aid for those who want
to provide right aid right!’

Right Hand Aid is registered in Sweden.

Visiting Disabled Rehab Center in Nepal

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
March 8, 2014 Hans Erling Jensen, Director of Right Hand Aid (left) for the first time visited the Disabled Rehabilitation Center in Gokarna, Kathmandu and got a warm welcome from Director Tanka Tiwari (right).
The initiative came from our partner, Prakash Adhikari, Chairman of the local relief organization, ADEC Nepal (in the middle). Hans Erling and Prakash has known each other since 2010. Read more here!

Right Hand Aid Founder


“For most of my life I have fought for freedom and equality, and I have raised my voice against oppression in all its forms, regardless if the reason was political, religious, feudal traditions or otherwise.

I believe in people, not in ideologies or religions. I believe in democracy and human rights and that the desire to grow as an individual must develop from inside the individual – from the root, so to speak – and not as a requirement from an outside force!

It’s only free people who can create a better world, not ideologies or religions nor someone who believes he just discovered truth!

I believe in the power of knowledge, the knowledge how to grow a field, how to build a boat or a house or repairing a car – it’s the sort of lessons that provide food on the table, shelter over one’s head and provide humans with life’s necessities.

My goal is to “teach people to fish,” not “to give them a fish,” and that’s the whole idea behind Right Hand Aid.”



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